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Motorcoach Tours, Cruises, Fly-In Tours and Private Chartering

About Us

When Mary and Jerry Francis bought Small World Travel in 1987, they never thought traveling would become their lifestyle. Jerry had left banking and joined the family farm several years earlier and Mary had spent many years with Reynolds Metal Company. Small World employed four travel agents and started offering short motor coach tours in the early 1990's. In 1995 the Francis’s sold Small World Travel and founded Francis Custom Tours. Jerry joined the staff full time in 1997.

In June 2005, the Francis’s daughter, Susan, became a partner and full-time tour planner and guide. Today our staff includes: Mary Francis Ligon (owner); Susan Francis Brackett; Robert Wayman; and Sherry Benker.

Francis Custom Tours offers short and long term escorted tours in our two deluxe motor coaches. We also offer international fly-in tours as well as packaged vacation planning for groups, individuals, and families. If you need to charter a motor coach we can do that also.

Why take a tour with Francis Custom Tours

Francis Custom Tours has an office in Arkadelphia that is open Monday through Thursday and by appointment on Friday with knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions about the tours we offer and other travel inquiries.

We offer pick-up points in different cities and try to have a point close to your home.

Our motor coach is equipped with many amenities such as large viewing windows with shades, contoured seats with arm and foot rests, video monitors, high quality sound system, a flush toilet as well as offering a wonderfully smooth ride.

In addition to our superb destinations, we offer traveling activities on the days that are spent traveling to each destination. You may choose to read, sleep, enjoy the scenery, or take part in a variety of games or videos. Snacks and water are also available on all our trips.

Although most of our customers are from the southern two-thirds of Arkansas, they may not know each other when beginning a tour, but by the time we come home almost everyone, regardless of where they are from, will have made many new friends or, occasionally, found an unknown relative in the group.

We strive to assure that each and everyone of our trips run smoothly. On each of our tours we have a tour escort and an experienced motor coach driver that work hard to make the tour a pleasant and memorable experience.

Our prices are very competitive with other tour companies. Please note what our prices include on each trip and, we think, you will find that you are getting a great value four your trip. In addition to the transportation, attractions, accommodations, and food, the “intangibles” of group travel such as convenience, education, safety, security and companionship are all a part of the package price

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